Possible to manage CoVid19 economic crisis?

The Corona Virus emergency that World is facing has proven to be an unexpected event in recent history that has completely upset millions of lives. From week to week all over the world, many unthinkable changes have been in a normal situation: social distancing, closed stores, and many products ordered online. Consumer behaviors around the world are also undergoing an unavoidable change. Today, the digital channels are more important than ever and brands attitude, to survive in this difficult moment, can only take note of them and act accordingly.

    The current pandemic requires that companies adopt adequate contents and actions through all their communication channels. At this time, the classic traditional business strategies are not likely useful. At the current, companies that already use social media regularly must direct profound upheavals to language and content applied, and mostly those ones that tend to slight the use of social media, more than ever need to create a direct response interaction with the public, leveraging global digital ecosystem within each platform.

   The world is in shock and the messages must be conveyed wisely, the goal is to offer leadership and support. In Chinese the word “crisis” (wēijī) means “crucial moment”, that is ‘when something starts or changes’. This is an opportunity to create meaningful connections, that we truly hope it will never be replied so.

    We still don’t know when, but, sooner or later, we’ll have to return to normal life and work as a population within an economy. We don’t have a date but don’t wait too long to communicate. Don’t let your company be another victim of the coronavirus.


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