Ske! Branding

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Each company, with its product/service, has the potential, relating to a particular feature offered; these potentials can be significant and exclusive or simply common and standard, and be developed by the company partially or totally. But surely every company or its product / service has the potential to become a BRAND. According the American Marketing Association, a brand is an overall experience of a customer that differs an organization or product from its rivals in consumer image.

Brands typically comprise various elements, such as:

  • NAME
  • LOGO

Branding is a set of marketing and communication methods that help to distinguish a company or products from competitors, aiming to create a lasting impression in the minds of customers. The key components that form a brand’s toolbox include a brand’s identity, brand communication (such as by logos and trademarks), awareness, loyalty, and strategies.

To make a Brand, it’s real important that a company work about:


It’s clear that evolving a product/service in the brand, we necessary need that the same product service is recognizable and not imitable, and equally unforgettable in the positive emotions left to the final user and preserve these over time.and preserve it over time. But for this, we have also to know our customers, how to communicate with them, obtain their loyalty and to preserve them, through the use of socio-psycho-demographic strategic analysis and brand ambassadors to establish the greatest number of possible contact points online/offline, creating a community of passionate customers and then translating these data into the multiple forms of above / below the line communication.

Building a brand, naming, payoff, tone of voice, brand vocabulary, website, interactions on social media, are fundamental in order to create and preserve recognizability, credibility and memory focused on consumer target.

Our visual communication is mainly based on typographical experimentation; in VISUAL Creative Unit, according our LOOP, the Typography is the communication vital element: suggestions, emotions and intentions are communicated even without the use of images or icons of various kinds; the word, written with a specific font, has a certain shape and combined with color and layout, it is possible to communicate any message effectively. This obviously does not erase the use of images that must be included in the graphic project, managing a compositional balance between image and word. This balance gives a nod to the ‘900 great avant-gardes, that revolutionized use of the compositional cage, breaking it down, as did the Russian Futurists or Constructivists or as the Swiss School and the Bauhaus have taught the world how the wise use of the cage can lead to incredible works.

Today in actual image society we’re living, in the immensity of characters created and made available for free, why go into the Type Design?

  1. Love of Typography
  2. Typography is a living matter: a plus or minus sign give the whole value system and feelings to communicate
  3. Typography allows to create a multi-level visual language, able to stay in times and different spaces
  4. Through Typography, it’s possible to get often an emotional response before user reads the message
  5. With the Typography, an identity system is created to solve any possible problem space saving on screen and in-print.

These 5-points broadly represent the Creative Philosophy of LOOP, seeking the way of typographical and artistic research/experimentation in communication.

It will also be fundamental to have an excellent business model, which regulates future goals and the current ability of the company to explain itself, taking into account elements such as profits and expenses of human resources, production, distribution and communication, but also having an executive plan, or to establish the growth objectives, the roles and times and the operating methods of human resources, and the path to reach the arrival point, trying to never lose sight of the marketplace, without being distracted by finance.

Definitely, in addition to the technique, we have an intuitive understanding of brand strategy and a talent for revolutionary creativity!!!!