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MUSIC, perfect art of fusion between sounds and noises and silences, has various declinations and macro-categories, created by the articulation of harmonies, melodies, tones and polyphonies. One of the oldest form of arts, certainly the one that has undergone the most evolutions, generated emotions, combined with most various applications.

No way to create something without implying music or keeping its system for example, any form of contemporary advertising and social interactions is addicted to Music. And also in SKE! Corp, we are strongly in love and addicted to its charm. We produce and listen to a lot of genres, we live it, we use it to generate emotions and tell stories. We dedicate a division, SKE! Music, worked by former professional musicians to create emotions.

The SKE! Music division produces music, reviews music, try to teach special skills, scouts new talents, meets the players, makes you experienced emotions, and rest assured that it will always be sincere when you talk with your heart, making you enjoy and excite, whatever your favorite tastes and trends.