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Communication between individuals has always been linked also to their customs, each garment in history has not only been a tool to dress, but also and above all to differentiate caste, cultures, religions, communicate a status, whether it’s only a dress or associated to other decorative elements or accessories. Make advertising in fashion, with fashion, is a MUST, to which every creative agency should aspire to play and have the creative and technical skills to give brands the success and the right positioning it deserves.
Make advertising in fashion, with fashion, is a MUST, so the SKE! Fashion division constantly works to learn and deepen the knowledge of the new creative ideas of the great stylists and young designers around the world, of new production techniques of fabrics and materials, to develop ever new marketing and communication ideas of the product in an innovative and incisive ways, looking back in history and forward to future, analyzing trends, using digital marketplaces, virtual and augmented reality for interaction with the final consumer, participating in fashion shows, and social events: here, in SKE! Fashion, we are definitely ready and prepared for the most exciting and winning challenges.

SKE! Fashion works on our institutional communication also creating our own line of clothing and accessories because we love our brand and we like you feel part of our company, always wearing and taking us with you.