SKE is born! and also its blogzine

End 2019, start 2020: SKE is born! and also its blogzine

What will we do when we grow up? Someone has become a very attractive woman or a fascinating man, but we have all become good at building and realizing this dream together. We’ve shared it, suffered it, fed it, structured it, and now it’s ready to show itself to the world, to the market, starting from that European reference point for advertising, branding, broadcasting, tech , music, multicultural and lively represented by London and the whole of the UK, without forgetting our roots but in general the whole European continent.

The dream of SKE! CORPORATION is finally born!, structured by as many as 6 business units, different for staff and operational fields but linked by a single objective, to bring the quality of the best professionals to serve the needs of marketing and advanced solutions for the future and the business of each company in a winning way and unique.

And that is why there will be a blog always full of fresh news, updated continuously, on our activities and on what happens in the world to take inspiration and discuss together about the new possibilities of interaction and development.

And if you have questions, or want to collaborate, use the contact form .. We’re waiting for You!


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