Ske! Fashion


Fashion is appearing and becoming an icon of style and trend, and SKE! CORPORATION could not neglect to dedicate a business unit in which to study, conceptualize and produce content and tools that are for us identity and representative of our brand.

A business unit dedicated to produce all media and advanced technological tools developed by a dedicated team of professionals selected and certified by their long experience in the sector, together with the SKE! Branding team, will be able to work alongside companies, small, medium and large, in symbiosis, to identify, for their brands, objectives, opportunities and tailor-made solutions for the best identification and promotion of their product… to be or continue to be a garment clothing or an accessory, making them desirable to the public.

We have created also ULAPOP, the SKE! shopping zone, with the best products of the most famous brands in the world, where you can buy at crazy prices, thanks to exclusive commercial agreements with the same brands, clothes and accessories EXCLUSIVELY ORIGINAL, but also, in short times, new brand collections, absolutely tailoring and craftsmanship, always maintaining the same affordable price policy as the real ones you will find in the physical or virtual boutiques of the same brand.

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