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We at SKE! Entertainment, experienced business unit of SKE! Corporation, we’re been doing it since many years, and under the artistic direction of NAT, and other great international authors and directors, promoters, management and press agency, study everything in detail to create your event, involving our best internal resources and our most crazy friends and technicians, award-winners and most successful of the show-biz panorama.

When you produce a show, organize a venue, whether it’s a pure gig or variety or even educational, whether it’s broadcast by cameras on TV or radio channels or social media platforms, the first goal has to know how to evaluate the appeal you can generate on the public and for how long you could glue it to your show and if, how many you could repeat it or give a sequel.

It’s for this reason that it is necessary to create a solid engagement from the first minutes, calculating all the grafts to perfection, whether they’re before, during or after, the interactions today between your venue and the audience must be the focal point, being it for a one-man show rather than a music concert or a theater kermesse or a variety entertainment.


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Live Streaming

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