Possible to manage CoVid19 economic crisis?

The Corona Virus emergency that World is facing has proven to be an unexpected event in recent history that has completely upset millions of lives. From week to week all over the world, many unthinkable changes have been in a normal situation: social distancing, closed stores, and many products ordered online. Consumer behaviors around the […]

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SKE is born! and also its blogzine

End 2019, start 2020: SKE is born! and also its blogzine What will we do when we grow up? Someone has become a very attractive woman or a fascinating man, but we have all become good at building and realizing this dream together. We’ve shared it, suffered it, fed it, structured it, and now it’s […]

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Blockchain and crypto: the present has a door to the future

Being rich a day will be, perhaps, saying “I have so many cryptocurrencies” rather than “I’ve so much money”? Perhaps it’s Utopia – and could be also reasonable to agree with – but the beauty of Utopias is that sometimes they are realized when there is a good idea behind, when there are so many […]

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