Being a company during the Covid era, the example of SKE! Corporation

2021: hard to die! 

You need to be futuristic and resilient to reach your goals, which sometimes make you overcome a year like the past one. Even for a company like SKE! Corporation, which was born with the ambition and the tools to provide effective solutions to the needs of any type of company, and which branding and consulting agencies usually outsource: all in one very great team! 

Shortly after the start, we faced the explosion of a global pandemic. In SKE! Corporation, of course, we have carefully observed the dynamics and consequences of Covid-19, and we have taken the advantage offered by the slowdown to calibrate tailor-made solutions for customers, so as to be able to face the “new normal”. 


In this historical moment, we saw the rush to e-commerce, given that the physical stores were inevitably closed due to social restrictions. Therefore our expertise in Creativity, in developing IT systems with the integration of AI (mainly applied to customer profiling and after-sales assistance), Augmented and Virtual Reality and the Blockchain and related crypto-activities (to monitor the supply chain, and ensure transparency, certification of materials and originality to brands) was essential for the large institutional players of the fashion Industry. We provided advice and solutions to reorient a sector already vulnerable before the pandemic and which, after the first wave, had made superfluous any previous strategy, generating a Darwinian Shake Out: the only survival to those who have proven themselves more resilient and visionary is to invest in the technology of the future-proof supply chain, in particular in the sampling of garments in AR/VR, show-room virtual and digital sell-in, multi-territorial digital fashion shows, revolution of the production and supply chain with the blockchain to ensure efficient execution, up to the final consumer. 


We approached the entry into the “new normal” with a Test&Learn approach, to face a quickly changing market, an approach that is also essential for all the other business units, in particular for the PRINTPACK unit, which has increased the normal production activities functional to the brand marketing, in response to the proliferation of e-commerce, and keeping the price very low and accessible, viewing to post pandemic spending review. More, the partnership with a large global group also allowed us to expand our offer of completely ecological and compostable packaging items, for a sector like Ho.Re.Ca. (strongly affected by the restrictions and in which hospitality is certainly the most compromised sector, despite the fact that there have been excellent interventions in support by the British government) with particular reference to the community catering sector (i.e. schools and canteens companies) and the strong demand for Delivery and Take Away Food & Drinks. 

There are so many innovations that we courageously plan to launch, in 2021, our mission is to reinvent by improving how we do what we do. So, all that remains is to follow us at www. and subscribe to our newsletter. 

from an article on PARTNERSHIP – The Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK’s Magazine (Spring 2021)


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