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Conceived in early spring 2013, in a roman living room, from the fervid and never sated mind of NAT, We immediately married the concept to mix technological research, the continuous need for content that is never banal and exclusive and the desire of each customer to be a prime number, seducing with a tailor made campaign, ideas, contents and instruments, winning and growing in a long term bond.

Starting from the long experience of the founder in the american commercial broadcasters, and in the biggest world music events, after a start-up period, SKE! evolved its asset into a free, independent corporation, able to dialogue with all leading players and suppliers, for all its operating divisions.


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SKE is born! and also its blogzine

End 2019, start 2020: SKE is born! and also its blogzine What will we do when we grow up? Someone…

Blockchain and crypto: the present has a door to the future

Being rich a day will be, perhaps, saying “I have so many cryptocurrencies” rather than “I’ve so much money”? Perhaps…

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